Katharine Hamnett - Regenerated Cashmere

Regenerated Cashmere

Katharine Hamnett -Regenerated Cashmere

The problem: Cashmere production is a vital source of income for nomadic goat herders. Rising global demand for cashmere is putting herders under pressure to increase their fibre production. This leads to overgrazing of grasslands by unsustainable herd sizes. The resulting desertification along with low wages causes financial hardship for herders, forcing migration to cities.

Our solution: While the negative impact of virgin cashmere is so high, we will use alternatives such as regenerated cashmere. We recover leftover cashmere fabric offcuts, which are mechanically reworked into new yarn. This process has been widely in use in the Prato area, since 1800’s, supporting traditional Italian skills and prolonging the life of this luxury fibre.