Katharine Hamnett - Filanda Productions


The Katharine Hamnett London collection is ethically made in the EU, supporting local manufacturing in Italy and preserving traditional skills.

The collection is manufactured by Filanda Productions which is based in Veneto, on a site that was home to a silk farm and spinning mill for over 70 years

Katharine Hamnett - Filanda Productions
Katharine Hamnett - Filanda Productions

The Veneto has a rich history of manufacturing high quality product and fabrics for luxury brands, denim, outwear tailoring, silk, bags and shoes. We work predominately with small, independent, family run suppliers in the area; most of whom are located within a 50-kilometre radius of Filanda Productions.

In the last twenty years, their businesses, like many across Italy, have suffered economically and socially from the shift to outsourcing in lower paid labour markets. With this decline in demand, local heritage, knowledge and skills are being lost.

By manufacturing there and showing that it can be done in line with the latest sustainability developments, we hope to stimulate a thriving local economy once again, based on quality and sustainable local production.


We are proud members of Fair Wear Foundation since 2018. We are dedicated to supporting garment workers’ rights to safe, dignified and properly paid employment, and making fashion fair for everyone. You can follow our progress here.

Our Code of Conduct supports the International Labour Organisation Conventions and the Fair Wear Foundation Code of Labour Practices. Suppliers are carefully selected for their sustainability standards and our monitoring progress, auditing and reporting is assessed and verified by Fair Wear Foundation annually.

Katharine Hamnett - Filanda Productions