No More Fashion Victims Bottle

Limited edition Katharine Hamnett x 24bottles sustainable Urban Bottle. Made in lightweight stainless steel, and are produced via a carbon neutral process. Katharine’s NO MORE FASHION VICTIMS is one of her classic slogans and refers to the tens of thousands of farmers killed annually due to pesticide poisoning in traditional cotton manufacturing, and to the poorly underpaid and maltreated workers in the fashion industry who suffer due to the demand for fast fashion and the desire to produce cheaply manufactured goods. The perfect size BPA-free lightweight stainless steel bottle, the Urban Bottle is the ultimate solution for your healthy and comfortable hydration on the go.
Carbon neutral: the number -0,08 printed on our 500ml bottles is the quantity of CO2 you save from releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill your 500ml Urban Bottle instead of buying a disposable plastic one. 80 grams (0,08Kg) is indeed the quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere to produce a single-use plastic bottle.
Delivery in 3-5 Working Days. Free Shipping.
Washing: 20°
Bleaching: Do not bleach
Ironing: Low heat
Dry cleaning: Do not dry clean
Tumble dry: Do not tumble dry

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