The problem: Silk production has less impact on the environment than many other fabrics, however, hazardous chemical use and animal welfare issues can occur in processing. Our solution: Our silk comes from conventional sources. We are working to convert from conventional to organic silk. We have trialled other alternatives, Peace Silk for example, but found that supporting our existing Italian supplier to create a fully certified supply chain of GOTS organic silk is the best option. Our silk is dyed using low impact GOTS certified dyes.
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  1. Andrew Unisex Silk TrouserS
    Andrew Unisex Silk TrouserS
    $249.00 $415.00
  2. Andrew Unisex Silk Trousers
    Andrew Unisex Silk Trousers
    $249.00 $415.00
  3. Nigel khaki silk shirt
    Nigel khaki silk shirt
  4. Paddy Sand Silk Trackpants
    Paddy Sand Silk Trackpants
    $288.00 $480.00
  5. Redford Khaki Silk Onesie
    Redford Khaki Silk Onesie
    Sold Out
  6. Redford Red Silk Onesie
    Redford Red Silk Onesie
    $226.00 $565.00
  7. Sean Black Silk Jacket
    Sean Black Silk Jacket
    $240.00 $600.00
  8. Vince Khaki Silk Sweatshirt
    Vince Khaki Silk Sweatshirt
    $162.00 $270.00

8 Items

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