Reimagine Katharine Hamnett x Patrick McDowell

Sustainable Fashion designers Katharine Hamnett and Patrick McDowell Launch Reimagine collection in support of British Business and fight back against the negative impact of Brexit.

Katharine Hamnett’s signature Ted jacket and slogan T-shirts are upcycled and reimagined in a monochrome colour palette with a splash of red. A new cropped silhouette and the Signature HELP print come together across Jackets and T-shirts to stay true to the Activist nature of Hamnett’s name sake label. 

Throughout this collection, Patrick continues to implement sustainable design practices by Reimagining each Jacket in London. Working closely with London based Studio’s to create a new cropped silhouette and adding the collection’s signature HELP print with water based screen Printers Mesh and Blade. Katharine’s iconic Slogan T-shirt’s are made using GOTS certified cotton printed in the UK, staying true to the pairs vision of a fairer fashion industry for all. 

Brexit is having a huge impact on British sustainable designers and the industry as a whole. Experiencing new import charges, delays on deliveries and extra paper work, together Hamnett and McDowell are fighting back. 

Katharine Hamnett on the collaboration and Brexit: ‘The only way we are going to get out of this shit is together. HELP. Work together!
Patrick McDowell on working with katharine: ‘Working on Reimagine Katharine Hamnett x Patrick McDowell has been a dream come true. Katharine is the The Original proof that sustainability can be sexy and conscious. Brexit has negatively impacted and directly effected the British Fashion Industry and together we are taking a stand. I think that while Help is humorous –  It captures the mood and feeling of now so well. Brexit always was a bad decision and the lack of conviction and organisation from this conservative government is hurting sustainable fashion designers in the UK.’

The collection will be available on from the 14th May 2021 in limited quantities. 

Lorenzo Berni Fashion / Portrait photographer


A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Katharine Hamnett launched her brand in 1979 with a range of eclectic women’s designs; menswear followed in 1981. That year also saw her release the first of her many slogan tees. Sustainability and ethical production became of prime importance, further shaking up what was expected of a global brand. Katharine Hamnett London re-launched in 2017 with new designs and slogans as well as reissues of many classic archive unisex pieces that are as relevant today as they always were. 


Based in London, Patrick started his career studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins. While learning his craft, Patrick interned at Burberry, working under Christopher Bailey before going on to launch his own brand in 2018. In 2019 Patrick was nominated by Anna Wintour for the Stella McCartney today for tomorrow award. In 2020 Patrick became a Graduate Fashion week Global Ambassador while also receiving a British Fashion Award nomination. At the beginning of 2021, he was appointed Sustainability Design Director of the Italian womenswear brand Pinko and continues to work across the fashion industry developing Reimagine collections to reduce fashion’s global impact.  

Katharine and Patrick shot by Lorenzo Berni

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BBC London News: Fashion Industry at Risk of Decimation

We have only just begun….
Following the Open Letter signed by over 450 industry-wide signatories, we invite you to support our campaign to save the fashion industry. 
We have a simple 6 STEP action as detailed below, which we are asking you to complete STEP 3 and STEP 4.
All campaign visual assets (for Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) can be found in Googledrive here:

Other documents can be found below

  • MP Template Letter can be found here
  • Open letter can be found here
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For INSTAGRAM Please use moving MP4 asset for Instagram if possible. Alternatively, use the single image with large text that states Don’t make fashion history.
Suggested text for Instagram:
We urge the Government to hear us and act: don’t make fashion history.”

STEP 1. Unite the fashion industry to discuss key issues, impacts and unforeseen consequences of Brexit. ✔️

STEP 2. Open Letter with over 450 fashion industry signatories delivered to the Government with a call to action to meet us and work together to create solutions to save our industry. ✔️

STEP 3. Send a letter to your local MP, using Fashion Roundtable’s letter template. It will take the same amount of time to send as boiling a kettle.

STEP 4. Share social media campaign graphic and #dontmakefashionhistory to raise awareness and keep the pressure on for our call to action. Tag your local MP.

STEP 5. Meeting with the Government. 🤞🏽

STEP 6. Government commits to policies that work for the fashion industry.🤞🏽

Tamara Cincik is in conversation with the iconic Katharine E. Hamnett, the First Lady of fashion activism and a loyal supporter of Fashion Roundtable.

In this podcast Katherine E. Hamnett CBE and our founder and CEO Tamara Cincik chat about:

The impact of Brexit on the fashion industry; What leaving the EU means for fashion businesses;

What ‘good political leadership’ looks like in the UK;

Why the sector needs to make its voice heard by Government;

When Hamnett met Prime Minister Thatcher and;

Labour exploitation in the fashion industry.

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