The UK needs a Green New Deal.

Write to your MP in a hand-addressed envelope sent by post (emails are easy to block).

To find them go to

Dear [your MP]

The UK needs a Green New Deal. It has to be a cross-party government priority and long term commitment to a lower CO2 economy with a view to devolving completely out of fossil fuels, and committing to huge investment across the board into the Clean Renewable Energy sector in all its manifestations, regardless of what party is in power. This not only cuts emissions but creates a huge amount of jobs.

Ban fracking immediately because fracked oil and gas are fossil fuel.

We need to introduce legislation and grants for all transport to be converted to hydrogen – the climate game changer. It can even be used for shipping and aviation.

It’s easy to convert existing combustion engines to it immediately, e.g. cars. It’s cheap to make locally, using renewably sourced electricity, and when you burn it, all it gives off is water vapour.

Replace Britain’s ageing infrastructure with a new high speed super grid. We could be selling clean energy to other countries.

We need a modern approach to dealing with our waste recycling. We are in the dark ages. 

If you don’t represent this view in Parliament I will not be voting for you next time.

I would like a reply to know whether you will take this action or not, which I am entitled to by law.

Many thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.


your name and postcode]”